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(last updated 04 02 2017)


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Herefordshire is awash with broiler factories producing millions of chickens for meat on farms throughout the county and millions of tonnes of waste manure with a highly offensive odour.   The phosphates from agricultural manure have been running into our streams, brooks and rivers throughout the county, degrading water quality and damaging wildlife.      More broiler units are being permitted every year by the local Planning Authority.   Bowling Green Farm, Clehonger re-applied to Herefordshire Council on 24 October 2016  for Planning Permission to install four Broiler Units on land south of Bowling Green Farm.  This is a vast industrial factory farm  (the size of two and a half football pitches) which, if allowed, will produce another 3,320 tonnes of chicken manure every year from just one farm.  The Action Group called a Public Meeting for residents and businesses concerned about this Planning Application and the prospect of having to live with the well-known negative impacts of such developments.  The Public Meeting took place in Clehonger Village Hall on Sunday, 20 November 2016, which was attended by 60 to 80 people.    There was a display of information posters, leaflet handouts and a question and answer session.  Concerns were expressed about the damage to the open field landscape which would be caused by a highly intrusive factory developments, likely problems from pollution, the effect on residents' health, and the damage the presence of strong odours from the factory would do to tourist businesses. 

Some Recent History

The farmer originally applied for Broiler Units on this site in October 2015.  After significant local opposition the farmer withdrew his Planning Application on 25 January 2016 but he  applied within weeks to the Environment Agency for an Environmental Permit for broiler units in the same location.  The EA's first Public Consultation ended on 28 July 2016.  Before that date four members of ACAG held a meeting with representatives from the Environment Agency who recategorised the Bowling Green Farm site as one of high public interest.  This meant that EA's normal timescale of 13 weeks for Permit decisions would not apply in this case.  ACAG submitted 16 pages of comments, questions and recommendations for the first public consultation.  This was followedby publication of the EA's Draft Decision on 7 November 2016 and a second period of public consultation.  ACAG sent another 9-page dossier to the EA and we await their Final Decision.


This website is run by an Action Group comprising residents from Allensmore and Clehonger.  The site access is in the parish of Clehonger, and the broiler units and other buildings are in the parish of Allensmore. 

The purpose of the website is to provide information for local residents. You can make your voice heard by supporting our campaign to STOP the broiler factories coming to our rural community.  Please see 'Support Us' page.   


Allensmore & Clehonger Action Group is a not-for-profit community group for the benefit of all who live here.
We will take positive action to protect our rural environment from developments which are known to cause pollution
and nuisance to residents and small rural businesses, as well as adversely affecting wildlife and the visual landscape.
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